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Why videotape a deposition, and how is it used in trial?

Recording one’s deposition saves attorneys and their legal teams time, as while a providing an excellent reviewal resource. By recording one’s deposition, attorneys can record the testimony of an expert witness who may not be able to attend the trial– thus allowing them the testimony of that witness. It also allows attorneys to review their witness’ testimony to ensure the witness’ story is exactly the same during trial.

Are deposition videographers certified?

Some states require deposition videographers to be authorized to administer an oath. This could be any type of professional from notary, to court reporter, to bailiff. It is possible that videographers who advertise themselves as “certified” acquired that title through purchase or minimal paperwork, which does not identify any additional legal skill. Keep that in mind when looking for a legal videographer.

Can deposition videos be used in place of live testimony?

Usually, an expert witness testimony is allowed in video format. For regular witnesses, most laws require said witness to be present in court if they are available. However, the use of deposition videos must utilized if agreed upon by both counsels and the judge. 

How should a witness prepare for their video deposition?

Testimonies should be prepared the exact same way one would prepare for a live testimony, only for a deposition video, there are presentation issues to consider. Tell witnesses to avoid shirts with busy patterns that may be warped on camera, as well as jewelry that is overly-shiny. Do not wear anything that might bump into the lavaliere microphone and cause interference. Avoid fidgeting, muttering under one’s breath, clicking pens, or doing anything else that could cause excess noise and be picked up by the microphone.

What is deposition synchronizing?

Deposition synchronizing is the process of lining up the recorded transcript with the deposition video file. It takes place after the deposition by using special playback software,  and allows the transcript to appear on screen as video captions. This is a great resource for those hard of hearing, and makes retrieving clips for review easy.

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