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Jerry Coash Jr., RSA, CLVS
President, Owner

Gerard T. Coash Sr., RPR, RMR, RSA

Meri Coash, RPR, RMR, CRR CR#50327
Vice President

Cristina Coash
Client Development Manager

Deanna Bakurza
Production Manager

Marta Hetzer
Client Liaison

Tricia DeSpain
Production Assistant

In-House Video Department

Dennis Woods, CLVS
Video  Manager

Bruce Thurman, CDVS

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Why Book a Steno-Reporter?

Why Book a Steno-Reporter?

Sometimes, people question why they should book a certified court reporting specialist when they can just use a recording device. Our new page outlines why that is a bad idea. Due to the unreliability, lack of impartiality, and no certification, it is possible that...

Ways to Make Travel Painless

Ways to Make Travel Painless

Credit: CMW Legal professionals are always on the move. Sometimes, they travel across the city for a job. When a legal professional is in high demand, travel can take professionals across county lines, to the opposite end of the state, or even to the other side of the...

Coash & Coash Announces New Page on Scheduling

Coash & Coash Announces New Page on Scheduling

Coash & Coash is pleased to announce their new page on the benefits of scheduling your next court reporting service via your tablet or smartphone. Booking a service online saves attorneys and paralegals precious time they can use elsewhere to benefit their...

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