Tips for a Successful Deposition







Speak With Precision

It is important for all those present in your deposition to speak clearly and refrain from uttering unnecessary sounds (those pesky “ooohs”, “aaaahs” and “Uh-huhs”). By keeping your sounds to just want you want to convey you ensure a cleaner transcript and make life much easier for your court reporter. It is important to practice the pronunciation of difficult words and articulate with precision.

Plan Ahead

Be sure to consider all possible equipment needs and logistical variables. By planning ahead for items like videography tools, digital recordings, and tele-conference equipment you can prepare your court reporting team to ensure a smooth and efficient deposition. If you forget to mention you may need a digital recording or a tele-conference then the time it takes to change rooms or secure equipment increases your wait time and costs.

Provide a List of Terms

Write a glossary of difficult technical terms and unusual proper names and provide it to all in your deposition. If your court reporting team can prepare in advance for complex spellings and unique words then it increases the likelihood of a cleaner transcript and diminishes editing time, making your deposition more efficient, faster and less expensive in the process.


Dress for Success

How we dress says much about us and how we are perceived by others. In depositions on video our choice of clothing has an impact on the document at hand. It is important to not leave anything to chance regarding the attire of deponents, attorneys and paralegals. The same holds true for paralegals. This means dress for the occasion in a legal context: formal, professional, and modest.

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