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When an attorney schedules a legal videography service, they should consider including video synchronization into that service. Legal video synchronization is the process of transcribing the transcript recorded by one of our skilled court reporters over the legal video so the transcript appears on the screen as captions. This service occurs post-deposition or trial.

Video synchronization is just as valuable for the deposition process as it is for an attorney’s multimedia trial presentation. The service can positively impact one’s case for a number of reasons, including…

  • Keyword/phrase searching

  • Ease of researching during the deposition process

  • Playback options for future exhibits/viewings

  • The ability to fast-forwarding through topics or rewind/cue certain topics

Remote Depositions are Crucial

Stay safe at home while moving forward with the course of law. Learn more about remote depositions from our firm president, Jerry Coash Jr.

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