The pandemic drove a dramatic increase in the need for certified videographers. Quarantine orders prevented normal pre-trial discovery, meetings, and preparations, so litigators in Arizona—and across the country—turned to court reporting companies offering videography services. Having now broken down the video wall, litigators and courts alike revel in the convenience and enhancements available through videography services.

Coash & Coash Court Reporting and Video offers videography services, including deposition videotaping and videoconferencing, to counsel throughout the United States. Whether you’re near our Phoenix offices or across the country, we can serve your legal videography needs.

Why Certified Videographers Are Beneficial for Litigation and Discovery

Depositions and other legal proceedings with a video component require more than a camera. A Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) or Certified Deposition Video Specialist (CDVS) is specifically trained and tested on deposition practices and procedures, deposition video recording techniques, and the preservation and retention of video files.

Videographers with these certifications work with certified court reporters to provide high-quality, robust deposition products for ease in review of and search through testimony, and they can help create dynamic video snippets for trial presentation.

Meet the Videographers at Coash & Coash

Coash & Coash Court Reporting and Video is proud to have three certified legal nationwide videographers on staff. Dennis Woods, CLVS; Christopher Parkinson, CDVS; and Jerry Coash, Jr., CLVS provide top-notch legal videography services. Working with our court reporters, they ensure that your deposition includes a complete video record of the testimony in a product that facilitates review and use of the same.

Experience the Premium Work Product of Our Team

Our certified nationwide videographers use high-quality production and editing equipment and software to prepare and deliver deposition products tailored to meet all of your discovery and litigation needs. With the tools and skills acquired from years of experience, we can produce deposition products that include a split screen for simultaneous viewing of the deponent, the written transcript (scrolling as the deponent speaks), and relevant exhibits. We can also annotate or create video-plus-transcription clips for use at trial.

Our Certified Videographers Also Offer the Benefit of Convenience

The final product is deliverable either as a DVD or via file transfer protocol such as Dropbox and is compatible with a number of trial presentation software platforms, including:

Whether you are near our home office in Arizona or across the country, our nationwide court reporting agency provides you with quality services and work products that fit your legal needs and requirements.

Certified Nationwide Videographers Who Ease Your Burden

Coash & Coash Court Reporting and Video is here to serve your needs in videography. Our Arizona certified videographers are always ready to help you with your legal videography needs not just in Arizona but also nationwide. To learn more about how we can facilitate your discovery efforts, contact us today at (602) 258-1440, visit our contact page, or schedule a deposition here.

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